Garden Rooms

by Boyds and Girls

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Seed was sown and here I've grown the only home I've know now I go

Heading down the roads I know
For me I've always called them home
The roads I've always known
This house has always been my home

My life is packed into this car
It's funny how we've come so far
From where this road goes
It leads me to the place I call home

But I will always know where that garden grows

The garden has an empty spot
The flower transferred to this pot
I hold between my knees
I'm tugging at my sleeve

This only half an hour drive
Feels longer than my simple life
The roots I keep with me
The branches of a tree

But I will always know where that garden grows

Growing bigger growing stronger
Save my roots they'll grow much longer
To the wind that takes my sorrow
Give my past to my tomorrow
Blessed by the sun that burns
To guide me on through every turn
All the times that you've been told
To live your life before you're old

Run much longer jump much higher
Paint more painting light more fires
Walking barefoot down the road
Driving fast though we've been told
To dress like this and talk like that
Clean it up don't make a mess
How are we to ever learn
To think alone, think our own

But I will always know where that garden grows


released June 4, 2013


tags: folk Minnesota


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Boyds and Girls Minnesota

Hello from a lovely part of Minnesota.

Nick Boyd
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Connie Dale
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